Dairy Products

Elanco products address a variety of animal health and performance issues. Use a link below to learn more about each product’s specific applications.

The gold standard for in-line Rumensin delivery

New formulation technology that leads the way in suspendability for inline non-agitated water delivery and power drenching systems.

The cost effective solution for power drenching and agitated in-line water medication systems.

Rumensin Select is specifically designed as the cost effective choice for use in power drenching and agitated in-line water medication systems.

100-day peace of mind

Advanced technology has led to a 100 day controlled release capsule suitable for situations where daily drenching or reliable water medication is not possible.

In-feed performance

Rumensin 10% Premix is a standard or custom ingredient in high performace dairy and calf supplementary feeds.

The trusted feedmill partner

Rumensin 20% Millmix is a standard or custom ingredient available from your local feed supplier.

Knocks out mastitis

Tylan 200 Injection is an injectable antibiotic for the treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle.

Protect. Restore. Defend.

The result of our ongoing commitment to cows, veterinarians and producers is Imrestor™. Imrestor restores the function and increases the number of neutrophils, which fight a broad range of pathogens typically found on commercial dairy operations.