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Providing decades of consistent performance in animal health, productivity and food chain safety.


Elanco provides a range of trusted sheep health solutions to help sheep producers have sustainable, profitable and healthy sheep flocks.

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Elanco is committed to working with farmers, veterinarians, and producers to improve their businesses and the health and wellbeing of cattle.

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Elanco's portfolio of proven animal health solutions, backed by global expertise and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, help to produce more 'full value pigs' by maximising health and performance throughout the nursery, growing and finishing phases.

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Elanco provides solutions to help poultry producers find every little bit of value in their operations.

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Companion Animal

Elanco understands the unique and loving bond you share with your pet and we want to help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

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Elanco products and services enrich lives in fundamental ways.

Food Animals: Elanco's proven technologies enable producers to deliver more food while using fewer resources. Our antibacterials, anticoccidials, and parasiticides make food safer by preventing and controlling disease and by reducing threats to animal health. We offer products that ensure the integrity of the food supply, and improve the health of food animals to increase the amount of meat, milk, or eggs each animal can supply. Furthermore, our data and analytical services improve production efficiency to make food affordable and abundant.

More food to bring people out of hunger. More food to sustain our planet's rapidly growing population. It's all part of a vision to work with our customers to enrich lives around the world.

Companion animals: Elanco understands the unique and loving bond you share with your pet and we want to help your pet live a longer, healthier life. Elanco partners with pet owners, pet shops and veterinarians to provide a consistent flow of innovative and effective products and technical knowledge. Our research and development focuses on products that prevent and treat disease, improve and extend quality of life, and improve the type of care that pets receive.

We also partner closely with veterinarians to provide technical support or case management for any Elanco product, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We're available to provide timely and expert support to help veterinarians and pet owners find the answers they need.