Rumensin 20% Millmix

Rumensin™ (Monensin as monensin sodium)

The essential ingredient!
Rumensin Max

Rumensin™ (Monensin as monensin sodium)

The essential ingredient!
Rumensin Select

Rumensin™ (Monensin as monensin sodium)

The essential ingredient!
Rumensin Capsule

Rumensin™ (Monensin as monensin sodium)

100-day peace of mind
Cattle Tylan 200 Injection

Tylan™ 200 Injection (Tylosin injection)

Knock out Mastitis

Imrestor™ (Pegbovigrastim injection)

Protect her Potential

Keto-Test™ for testing milk ketones (Beta-hydroxybutyric acid)


Fasinex™ 24

Oral flukicide for cattle
Fasimec Pour On

Fasimec™ Cattle Pour-On

Flukicide and broad spectrum anthelmintic.

Imrestor™ (Pegbovigrastim injection)
Imrestor™ (Pegbovigrastim injection)

Protect her potential

This is a restricted veterinary medicine. This product is available only under veterinary authorisation. Immune suppression around calving leaves cows vulnerable to infection, and increases a cow’s risk of diseases such as mastitis, metritis, and retained placenta with consequences that can affect the dairy farm in more ways than one.

Imrestor™ (pegbovigrastim injection) works as the first-of-its-kind immune restorative for periparturient dairy cows and heifers, helping to restore the function of a cow's immune system, when immune suppression leaves her vulnerable to infection, and protecting her potential and the well-being of the entire herd, minimsing the frustration of treating difficult cases.

Instead of fighting infections one pathogen at a time, Imrestor™ helps restore a cow’s ability to fight all of the pathogens typically found on commercial dairy operations—including the gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria responsible for causing mastitis. Please speak to your veterinarian about how Imrestor™ can help your dairy cows.

Important Safety Information

Always read, understand, and follow label directions.

Withholding Periods



Directions For Use


For restoration of suppressed immune cell function around the time of calving in cattle.

Dosage and administration

Inject Imrestor™ subcutaneously (i.e. under the skin). Remove surface dirt from the injection site area before injecting. Inject the entire contents of the syringe subcutaneously. Do not reuse the syringe.

This is a two dose regimen. The first injection of Imrestor™ should occur approximately seven days prior to the cow or heifer’s anticipated calving date. The second injection of Imrestor™ should occur within 24 hours after calving.


The first exposure to pegbovigrastim may cause swelling of mucosal membranes (e.g. eyelids, vulva and anal regions), swelling of the knees, increased respiration rates and increased salivation.These hypersensitivity reactions resolve within hours of onset with therapeutic intervention and have not been shown to reoccur with subsequent exposure to pegbovigrastim.


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A11027.
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