CLiK ™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

Put the worry of blowfly strike behind you
CLiK Extra

CLiK™ Extra Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

Extra strong, Extra assurance, Extra flexibility

CLiKZiN™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

For the prevention of blowfly strike for 6 to 9 weeks in sheep.

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Flystrike, Maggot & Lice Eliminator for sheep
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Expo™ Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep (spinosad)

For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep.
Extinosad Eliminator

Extinosad™ Dipping and Jetting Liquid for Sheep(spinosad)

Lice and blowfly control in sheep.
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CLiKZiN™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)
CLiKZiN™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Preventative Treatment (dicyclanil)

For the prevention of blowfly strike for 6 to 9 weeks in sheep.

CLiKZiN™ is a ready to use spray-on which will give medium-term residual protection (six to nine weeks for full body treatment and for treatment at docking) against flystrike caused by all the commonly found strike flies including the Australian blowfly (Lucilia cuprina). A shorter period of protection may occur if CLiKZiN™ is applied incorrectly, if there is excessive fleece soiling or if wool infections such as mycotic dermatitis (fleece rot) are present. CLiKZiN™ can be applied to damp sheep, however do not apply during heavy rainfall or when such conditions are expected before the product can dry on the fleece. Heavy rain following application of the product could diminish the period of protection.

Important Information

Always read, understand, and follow label directions.

Withholding Periods

MILK: Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded for 35 days following treatment.
WOOL: Ensure the time between treatment and subsequent shearing is at least 2 months.
               For advice on your dipping program contact your supplier.
MEAT: Sheep producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter within 7 days of the last treatment.

Directions For Use

CliKZiN Dose Table

Apply CLiKZiN™ through a suitable clean applicator gun in bands (Diagram 1) with the gun held 15–20 cm above the wool during application. NOTE: To achieve the best results it is very important that CLiKZiN™ is applied onto all the areas to be protected. The dose volume applied should be based on the weight of the heaviest sheep in the mob.

CliKZiN Diagram 1 CliKZiN Diagram 2

Application and dose rate of CLiKZiN™ at docking for the prevention of flystrike:
Apply 5 mL to ewe lambs (over the crutch) or up to 10 mL to ram lambs (i.e. 5 mL over the crutch and 5 mL over the scrotum if the lamb is being castrated), ensuring that sufficient product to cover the area to be protected is applied (Diagram 2).

Recommended Applicators

Use only an Elanco approved applicator:

1. 15 mL Elanco applicator is recommended for body strike application.
2. 10 mL Elanco applicator is recommended for docking application.


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A010284.
See for registration conditions.

Approved pursuant to the HSNO Act 1996, Approval Code: HSR001675.
See for approval conditions.