CLiK ™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

Put the worry of blowfly strike behind you
CLiK Extra

CLiK™ Extra Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

Extra strong, Extra assurance, Extra flexibility

CLiKZiN™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

For the prevention of blowfly strike for 6 to 9 weeks in sheep.

Cyrex™ Liquid Fly, Maggot & Lice Eliminator(spinosad and cyromazine)

Flystrike, Maggot & Lice Eliminator for sheep
ExPo Extinosad Pour on

Expo™ Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep (spinosad)

For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep.
Extinosad Eliminator

Extinosad™ Dipping and Jetting Liquid for Sheep(spinosad)

Lice and blowfly control in sheep.
Zolvix Plus

Zolvix™ Plus Broad Spectrum Oral Anthelmintic for Sheep (monepantel and abamectin)

Adds life to your roundworm control program.

Expo™ Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep (spinosad)
Expo™ Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep (spinosad)

For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep.

  • For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep.

Good agricultural practice is essential for optimal lice control. This includes ensuring a complete muster so that no animals remain untreated, attention to stock security following treatment, quarantine treatment of new stock arrivals, thorough and accurate dipping management and utilising the principles of Integrated Pest Management. DO NOT mix treated sheep with untreated sheep. It is good agricultural practice not to treat animals when they are wet or if rain is likely. However moderate rainfall following treatment does not adversely affect the effectiveness of the product. Prolonged heavy rain following treatment may reduce efficacy. ExPO™ contains a blue dye to identify treated sheep. The dye is scourable from the wool.

Important Information

Always read, understand, and follow label directions.

Withholding Periods

Milk : Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during treatment for not less than 35 days following the last treatment.

Wool : Nil

Meat : When applied to sheep off-shears or with up to 3 months wool: Nil

Meat : When applied to sheep with at least 6 months wool (Emergency treatment): 7 days

Directions For Use

extinosad pour on app diagram

Available : 10 L

For EXPO™ Extinosad Pour-On, doses of 15 mL and less :

Apply evenly along the back line from the poll to the base of the tail in one continuous line.

For EXPO™ Extinosad Pour-On, doses greater than 15 mL :

Apply in two equally split doses 5 cm either side of the backline from the poll to the base of the tail.

Emergency treatment coarse and fine woolled sheep :

Apply a 50mL dose to reduce louse numbers in severely infested long woolled sheep (>6 months after shearing). This dose should be applied as 4 x 12.5 mL bands (two bands on each side of the midline from the poll to the base of the tail).

ExPO™ is spread over the body by passive diffusion and physical contact (e.g. rubbing with other sheep). To facilitate product movement, treated sheep should be penned closely and held in the yards immediately after application.

Recommended Applicators

Use a T-bar pour-on nozzle and an applicator with a total adjustable volume ideally no greater than 20 mL. The ExPO™ Pour-On applicator is recommended. Do not underdose– check the accuracy of equipment before and during treatment. At the end of use, clean out the applicator, nozzle and hose by pumping through with clean water.


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