CLiK ™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

Put the worry of blowfly strike behind you

CLiKZiN™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (dicyclanil)

For the prevention of blowfly strike for 6 to 9 weeks in sheep.

Cyrex™ Liquid Fly, Maggot & Lice Eliminator(spinosad and cyromazine)

Flystrike, Maggot & Lice Eliminator for sheep
ExPo Extinosad Pour on

Expo™ Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep (spinosad)

For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep.
Extinosad Eliminator

Extinosad™ Dipping and Jetting Liquid for Sheep(spinosad)

Lice and blowfly control in sheep.

Micotil™ 300 injection (tilmicosin)

For the treatment of footrot in sheep.

Pyrimide™ (abamectin,levamisole,albendazole,selenium, cobalt)

The triple drench that delivers with every dose
Vetrazin Liquid

Vetrazin™ Liquid Sheep Blowfly Treatment (cyromazine)

For the preventative control of blowfly strike for up to 12 weeks on sheep.
Vetrazin Spray On

Vetrazin™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment (cyromazine)

For the preventative control of blowfly strike for up to 6 weeks on sheep when treated between 4 and 12 weeks after shearing.
Zolvix Plus

Zolvix™ Plus Broad Spectrum Oral Anthelmintic for Sheep (monepantel and abamectin)

Adds life to your roundworm control program.

Pyrimide™ (abamectin, levamisole, albendazole, selenium, cobalt)
Pyrimide™ (abamectin, levamisole, albendazole, selenium, cobalt)

PYRIMIDE™ - the triple drench that delivers with every dose

PYRIMIDE™ is a triple combination sheep drench containing 0.8 g/L abamectin,25.5 g/L levamisole (as levamisole hydrochloride) 20 g/L albendazole, 0.4 g/L selenium (as sodium selenate) 1.76 g/L cobalt (as cobalt EDTA). The product is made with Stable Suspension Technology (SST) that ensures the correct doses of all components are given with every drench.

For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworm, itchmite and nasal bot (larval stages) sensitive to one or more of the avermectin/milbemycin, benzimidazole (white) or levamisole/morantel (clear) anthelmintic families, including strains that have single or dual resistance to these anthelmintic families in sheep. Pyrimide™ also contains selenium and cobalt.

Important Safety Information

Always read, understand, and follow label directions.

Withholding Periods

MILK: Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded for not less than 35 days following last treatment.

MEAT: Animals producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter within 21 days of last

Directions For Use

Pyrimide Dose Chart

  1. DO NOT administer selenium supplements (such as Pyrimide™), at intervals of less than 3 weeks.
  2. DO NOT use at the same time as any other selenised fertiliser, prill or product without consulting a veterinarian.
  3. DO NOT exceed the stated dose and frequency.
  4. Accuracy of drench guns should be checked before and during drenching. Ensure that the dosing technique is correct and that each sheep receives and swallows the full dose.
  5. Determine bodyweight accurately and use the dosing table. Dose sheep in excess of 80 kg at 1 mL per 4 kg.
  6. A representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment.
  7. Dose the mob to the heaviest animal by liveweight in each group (ewes, wethers, rams, lambs). DO NOT under dose.
  8. Where there is a large variation in size within the group, dose rate should be based on the label directions for each weight range. Drafting into two or more lines may be appropriate, to avoid excessive overdosing.

Resistance Management

Internal parasites may develop resistance to any anthelmintic. Mathematical models show that using effective combinations of different anthelmintic families can significantly slow the development of resistance.Consult your veterinarian or animal health advisor for recommended parasite management practices for your area to reduce development of anthelmintic resistance. Check the effectiveness of anthelmintics at least annually and it is advised that a drench resistance test be conducted before any drench is used.

Safety To Sheep

Doses of three or more times those recommended can cause symptoms of levamisole toxicity, so determine liveweights and doses accurately. Dehydrated animals may be more susceptible to toxicity. Fatal interactions may occur between levamisole and organophosphate dips.DO NOT use in animals under 15 kg or 4 weeks of age.

Recommended Applicators

18 mL Simcro PYRIMIDE™ drench gun After use wash with warm, soapy water and rinse with clean water.


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. A010016.
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Approved pursuant to the HSNO Act 1996, ERMA New Zealand.Approval Code: HSR007845.
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