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Hemicell™ Supreme (β-mannanase)

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Porcine Pilishield

Porcine Pili Shield™ (Escherichia coli Bacterin)

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Pili Shield™ (flubendazole)
Porcine Pili Shield™ (Escherichia coli Bacterin)

Improve herd performance and profitability

This is a restricted veterinary medicine. This product is only available under veterinary authorisation. Enteric colibacillosis is a common disease of nursing and weanling pigs caused by colonisation of the small intestine by enterotoxigenic strains of Escherichia coli. Certain strains of Escherichia coli possess fimbria or pili that allow them to adhere to or colonise the epithelial cells of the jejunum and ileum. The common types associated with disease are K88, K99, 987P and F41. Pathogenic strains cause diarrhea, dehydration and acidosis.

Prevention of enteric colibacillosis in pigs can be achieved by vaccination of the sow or gilt prior to farrowing and by maintaining a warm and clean environment for the baby pigs. Timely vaccination of the sow with Porcine Pili Shield™ to produce maximum output of maternal antibodies in the colostrum and milk is critical in the prevention of enteric colibacillosis. As baby pigs ingest these antibodies from both the colostrum and milk of the sow, there is a steady flow of these antibodies through their gastrointestinal tracts, which will block Escherichia coli's pilus attachments to the intestinal mucosa and prevent their replication.

Porcine Pili Shield™ contains all the antigens from four selected strains of Escherichia coli bearing K99, K88, 987P and F41 pili. This broad spectrum bacterin has proven effective in swine herds around the world. Please speak with your vet to understand how Porcine Pili Shield™ can help in your nursery.

Important Safety Information

Always read, understand, and follow label directions.

Withholding Periods


Directions For Use

INDICATIONS: For use in healthy pregnant swine as an aid in the control of disease in piglets caused by K88, K99, 987P, and F41 piliated Escherichia coli.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Administer 2 mL intramuscularly 5 and 2 weeks prior to farrowing. Revaccinate prior to each subsequent farrowing.

PRECAUTIONS: Store out of direct sunlight at 2°-7°C. DO NOT FREEZE. Use entire contents when first opened. Manufacturer recommends that pigs are not vaccinated within 21 days prior to slaughter. It is essential that newborn pigs receive colostrum from the vaccinated dam. Anaphylactic reactions may occur.


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