Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A good start

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Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)
Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A good start


Maintaining the integrity of the intestinal tract is one of the key drivers of bird health, processing efficiency and food safety. By combining the strengths of an ionophore with nicarbazin, Maxiban™ helps to establish intestinal integrity, and protects birds from coccidiosis throughout their life, resulting in improved weight gain1 and improved feed conversion2 . With the two synergistic active ingredients, Maxiban™ provides a greater response than single-agent medications and reduces the potential for resistance.

Withholding Period

Eggs from treated birds must not be sold for human consumption for 10 days following the cessation of last treatment.

Directions for Use

Must be thoroughly mixed in feeds before use.

Mixing Directions

Thoroughly mix 500-625g of Maxiban™ Premix in one tonne to provide 40-50g narasin activity and 40-50g nicarbazin activity per tonne of complete feed.

Feeding Directions

Broilers: Feed continuously as the only ration for at least 14-28 days.


Poultry consuming narasin should not be treated with products containing tiamulin or oleandomycin. Severe growth depression may occur.


1 Watkins, K. and Bafundo, K. Spring 1993. “Effect of anticoccidial programs on broiler performance”, Journ. Applied Poultry Research. Spring.

2 Rings, B. Cochrane, J. et al. July 2001. “The performance of Maxiban™ and nicarbazin with and without BMD in starter rations” AVMA Presentation, Boston, Mass.

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