Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A combination product for coccidiosis prevention in broilers

Monteban™ (narasin)

A great finish for broiler chickens
Poultry Hemicell

Hemicell™ (β-Mannanase)

An energy sparing enzyme
Poultry Hemicell™ Supreme

Hemicell™ Supreme (β-mannanase)

An Energy Sparing Enzyme

Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)

Prevent coccidiosis in broilers and layer replacement pullets
Poultry Flubenol

Flubenol™ (flubendazole)

The broad spectrum wormer for poultry
Poultry Larvadex

Larvadex™ (cyromazine)

Long-acting fly control in poultry production


Customised in-feed probiotic solution

Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)
Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)

Prevent Coccidiosis in Broilers and Layer Replacement Chickens

Maintaining the integrity of the intestinal tract is one of the key drivers of bird health, processing efficiency and food safety. A healthy digestive tract is one of the primary drivers of bird performance and profitability.
Rumensin 20% Millmix is indicated for use in broilers and layer replacement chickens as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E. mivati, E. nectarix and E. tenella.

Important Safety Information

Always read and follow the label directions.


Poultry consuming monensin should not be treated with products containing erythromycin, tiamulin or oleandomycin. Severe growth depression may occur.

Do not allow dogs, horses or other equines access to feeds containing monensin. Ingestion by horses may be fatal.

Withhold periods

Meat: NIL
Eggs - 10 days

Directions for Use

Mixing Directions

IMPORTANT: Rumensin™ should be thoroughly mixed with the other feed components and care should be taken in transporting mixed feed to prevent settling.

Broiler and Layer Replacement Chickens: Thoroughly mix 0.5–0.6 kg of Rumensin 20% Millmix in one tonne of feed to provide monensin equivalent to 100 g to 120 g activity per tonne of complete feed.

Feeding Directions:

Broiler Chickens: Feed continuously as the only ration. May be fed up to point of laying. Do not use in chickens producing eggs.

Complete Feed1
CHICKENS (Broilers and Layer Replacement Pullets) monensin ppm in feed2
Coccidiosis 100-120 ppm

Please refer to product label for further information in relation to use in other species.
This product must not be used for growth promotion in cattle intended for human consumption.


1 Calculated on a 90% dry matter basis. Rations containing silage or other wet feeds should be corrected to a 90% dry matter basis for calculation of the appropriate monensin dosage.

2 ppm = parts per million which is equivalent to mg/kg.

Rumensin 20% Millmix registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. Aoo9107.
See for registration conditions